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Welcome To Ratapani Range Retreat

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Years of Service

A refuge from the hectic pace of city life.
The property was founded as a herb farm in 1982 by the Late Lt. Col. Lawrence Paul as an abundance of medicinal plants indigenous to this region proved conditions were ideal for herbal plant cultivation. A part of the same land was later developed and afforested to establish a goat farm that housed several hundred animals. The rocky yet densely forested mountain area was a perfect habitat for several generations of goats, until recently, when the same land underwent its third transformation. In its newest incarnation, Anil Paul, son and heir of the Colonel, wanted Ratapani Range Retreat to be an extension of his own home, a haven for those who want to immerse into the pleasures of Nature.
Jungle rides in vintage jeeps and bird-watching go hand-in-hand with life at Ratapani Range Retreat. The Barna Dam, not far from the Home Stay, enables one to share the owner’s passion for boating, fishing and kayaking. “We want you to be a part of it” he says, “while enjoying home-cooked food made with the best of the produce that Raisen district has to offer.”
In addition to the tranquil existence that jungle life offers, Ratapani Range Retreat is situated conveniently near our National cultural heritage sites. The ancient caves of Bhimbetka, the 11th Century Shiv Temple of Bhojpur and the holy Stupa of Sanchi, to name a few, are all a short drive away.

Our Mission

Human beings are healthier, happier, and perhaps even smarter and more creative when they develop a connection with Nature. Nature, in turn, has positive effects on human beings and helps relieve stress and improves physical well being.

Ratapani Range Retreat’s Mission is to offer the Best environment to be as one with Nature.

Our Hospitality

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of a concerted effort. We endeavour to make the experience of your stay in our jungle home as memorable as possible. Our staff, simple folk from neighbouring villages, will do their best to ensure your comfort.

Our Vision

To provided you, albeit for a short while, a home in the lap of nature.
To give you “a Getaway” in the jungles of Ratapani Range, far from the hullabaloo and pollution of city life.
To help you make beautiful memories with your family and friends with our variety of outdoor activities.
To give you reasons to return again and again.

Our Support

From planning your visit, to your stay with us, we do our best to make it a holiday second to none.


What You Can Do Here


Right after the monsoon season, the rivers waters stretch across to their grassy banks as they flow into the Barna Dam. It is exciting to get into a boat and ride down-stream to the Dam taking in the vegetation on the banks and the migratory birds that flock there. Ratapani Range Retreat offers exciting boating expeditions on the lake and rivers with a stop for tea and snacks on one of the many little islands shores.


Back at the Ratapani Range Retreat, cold autumn and winter evenings demand an
inviting, blazing campfire to wind up the day’s activities. What could be more satisfying
than relaxing around a dancing fire in the jungle, quietly chatting and snacking on tasty
tidbits off the barbeque?


Ratapani Range Retreat is situated of the periphery of the State controlled forest lands. For those who would like to see wild life in their habitats can go on a safari which our Staff will be happy to arrange for you. Safari expeditions are only available during seasons and times established by the Forest Range Officer-in-charge.

Trekking & Biking in Jungle

Ratapani Range Retreat’s has vast forest land and is also surrounded by terrain ideally suited for trekking and biking. For those who enjoy bird watching and photography there is a treasure trove of the birds of Madhya Pradesh waiting to be noticed.

Bird Watching

Ratapani Range Retreat in Madhya Pradesh promises an exciting adventures biking expedition among lush green forests and Barna Dam that boast of extensive flora and fauna. 


Meditation is a private communication between an individual and the Divine. Ratapani Range Retreat humbly offers its premises and vast natural environment for those who want to commune in peace and quiet.

Why Choose Us

We endeavor to provide our guests with good quality service to ensure your holiday with us remains memorable.

Our Services

  • Clean and comfortable rooms
  • Good home cooked food
  • Exciting outdoor activities
  • Trekking in the Jungle
  • Bike riding in the jungle
  • Sites for meditation
  • Visits to local heritage sites.

Our Hospitality

Our Staff are simple but friendly folk and will do their best to make you feel welcome.

Our Support

We are there for you to assist and help you while you are our guests at Ratapani Range Retreat.

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Should you want to know more about us or need any assistance in booking, just contact us.

    Boating at 7 Acres/Jetty Point on Barna Dam

    Safe Environment

    The ‘7 Acres’ property, just a few minutes’ drive away from the Home Stay is idyllic in that it is surrounded by fields under cultivation and a lime orchard. It has its own little river which flows into the Barna Dam. It is from Jetty Point that boats are launched for boat rides and kayaking. We ensure that our guests are safe at all times. We also actively involve them to be aware of and follow all safety precautions and encourage them to be proactive in assisting their lesser aware companions.

    Cleanliness & Hygiene

    The entire premises of all the properties Ratapani Range Retreat is maintained at a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene.   The comfort of our guests is our priority. Since our Home Stay is situated in the middle of a pristine Jungle we would like our guests to respect this environment and our values by not littering the place.

    Hygienic Food Court

    The Food Court is a beautiful, partially open, space where guests can have their meals and interact, it they so desire, with other guests. Like the rest of our premises, the kitchen, where your meals will be made, can be seen from all sides. Our cook and staff, from the neighboring villages, take pride in being able to provide you with tasty and satisfying meals made under clean and hygienic conditions.

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    Rs. 3500 per Night

    Minimum Stay 2 Nights

    Your Stay Includes:

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